Bella - 1 year old Springer Spaniel

Every year NESSR helps dogs in need and always ensures that every dog get the best quality veterinary care. Our regular fundraising and adoption donations ensures that we always have funds for routine treatment like vaccinations, worming, flea treatment, micro chipping and neutering.


On 9th April 2016 we were asked to take Bella a 1yr old springer that needs complex and expensive surgery and treatment. We were told that it was for a suspected spinal injury, however after visiting our own Vets on 14th April we have now discovered it is actually severe Hip Dysplasia and grade four luxating patella in both back legs.


The vet believes that her left knee might be repairable but that her right leg may be too badly deformed for surgery to succeed. Her X-rays have now been sent off to the top specialist for their opinion on the way forward and the best surgical options. In the meantime our vet has started Bella on some pain relief


Once the specialist has given us a plan we will know the full costs and whether the original estimate of £4000 will cover all her treatment and rehabilitation.

On 18th April the specialist looked at her X-rays and he thinks he can help her and is willing to operate on both back legs which is brilliant news.

Bella will require multiple major operations which will be done in stages but he thinks she will be able to move pain-free. As she gets old she will have issues but NESSR is committed to ensuring that she is going to get what she needs. The only downside is that it will cost more than originally thought but we are already well on the way to reaching our new target of £5000. It will be worth every penny to enable this baby girl to live a pain free life.

Bella has since had two operations on her left leg which have been quite successful.  She was on crate rest for 12 weeks with a limited exercise regime to be built up after that.  Due to her inactivity there was a lot of muscle wastage on both back legs, but Michael the owner at the North East Hydrotherapy Centre offered to rehabilitate her for free (there are still some wonderful people out there!)

Once she has had a chance to build up her muscles and stamina, and also be a springer spaniel for a while, we will look at having the surgery done on her other leg.  We will also be looking for her forever home so she has the chance to recover and recuperate in a permanent forever family environment. And whilst her condition means that she is not able to walk and run like a normal springer she will live a full and active happy life.

NESSR has committed to this little girl for the rest of her life, and that includes her vet bills as she gets older for issues with her legs, so we will fundraise continuously for her for the foreseeable future.

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Experience would suggest that the root cause of her problems is poor breeding. This is why we implore people that for those buying any spaniel pup you must ensure that both parents have been fully health tested. Make sure that you buy only from a quality breeder. Please look at the Kennel Club website for more information and look at the breed you are interested in to check what tests they should have if more people did their homework before breeding or buying a pup then there would be less dogs like Bella who have to suffer. It breaks our heart that year after year we see preventable cases like this, it has to stop and it can be stopped.

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