This is Ella, she came into NESSR's care in November 2018 at 14 months old weighing only 6.3kg.  Cynthia was contacted to see whether NESSR would be able to help this little girl as she was going to be put to sleep unless a rescue could be found to take on her special case.

Ella has a portosystemic shunt in her liver, this is a condition where the normal flow of blood, to and through the liver, is markedly reduced or absent. A liver shunt is a blood vessel that connects the portal vein with the main systemic blood stream. This causes the blood to bypass the liver. Without adequate blood flow to the liver, the puppy's body cannot thrive or remove toxins from the body. When blood is shunted around the liver rather than to and through it, the liver is not able to perform its many important tasks and therefore, metabolic wastes such as ammonia, reach unhealthy levels in the animal and threaten the dog's health.

Ella's type of shunt appears to be inoperable, therefore her condition must be managed medically and through her nutrition.  She will be on a special diet for the rest of her life and also daily medications to try and control  her symptoms so she can lead as normal a life as possible. 

NESSR has committed to this little girl for the rest of her life.  You can help her in a number of ways:

  1. She has her own Just Giving page where you can donate to her care, whether that be a one off or monthly donation.

  2. You can send a donation via Paypal to donations@nessr.net

  3. Send her an item from her wishlist, there are toys, supplements and things she needs for her ongoing care for you to choose from.

  4. To set up a monthly donation you can fill in the form below and send it to your bank to arrange a monthly direct debit.

NESSR has never shied away from these difficult cases, nor the ones that will require extra financial support, it means we have to work that little bit harder to raise funds for their care, and we know that we have some dedicated followers out there who will help, without you we couldn't help special girls like Ella.

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